State of the Cloud – September 2010

State of the Cloud – September 2010

Summer’s over, September’s here, and that means it’s time for another monthly installment of the State of the Cloud report.

Snapshot for September 2010

Here are the results for this month.

This month Amazon regains the edge lost last month with solid 8% growth since August. However, this month Rackspace takes a hit, losing over 5% of the sites hosted. Looks, however, may be deceiving – there seems to have been a blip in the Quantcast data set used as input, which resulted in quite a number of sites dropping completely from the top 500k. It’s not immediately clear why Rackspace would be hit more than others, but since most of these are now back in their former ranks then next month’s data should correct the trends.


Coming up

It’s been a year since the groundbreaking Anatomy of an EC2 Resource ID research, that shed light on the volume of usage Amazon’s cloud is seeing. Later this month we’ll go back to see how much has changed in the past year. Stay tuned!

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