State of the Cloud – May 2010

A new month, a new State of the Cloud post! In this month’s post we’ll revisit the relative sizes of the top providers and see just how much of the cloud market the biggest players own.

But first, this month’s figures –

Looking at this month’s trends, we find a relatively slow month for the cloud. Overall growth was just 1.7%. The largest month-to-month percentage growth goes to OpSource which grew by 11%. In terms of absolute size, Rackspace grew the most with 70 new sites. Amazon gained just 10 new sites this month.

Let’s take a look at cloud providers from another angle. We last did this back in February.

Our first conclusion: Amazon now controls more than 50% of cloud-hosted sites. The second conclusion: by this metric at least, the cloud race continues to be a two-horse race: Amazon and Rackspace together control 94%, and all the rest of the providers retain but a sliver of control.

Thomas Clayton

Thomas Clayton is a cloud computing blogger. This blog shares his cloud market research and commentary.

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