Shameless Plug

While I try to not abuse this blog as a platform to toot my own horn, please allow me to break my own rule today  :-). This is a guest post from my alter-ego, the entrepreneur.

Many readers have asked me about the diminishing volume of posts here on the blog. Where, they ask, have I wandered off to. The answer is Onavo, the company I co-founded and run, together with the best team I could ever imagine. We’re a cloud-based company building an exciting solution in the mobile space – an app that saves you money (lots of it!) on data roaming. Using your smartphone abroad remains painfully expensive, and we’ve discovered that the cloud can eliminate this pain.

Last week I was at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where we launched a private beta of our solution, for iPhones. I’ve been given the privilege to offer you, my readers (well, only the first few dozen of you) an invitation to the beta:

Using an iPhone? Go to and use the code JOAC. If you’re already on your iPhone, simply click the following link:

Shameless plug over. More juicy cloud numbers and stats to come.

Thomas Clayton

Thomas Clayton is a cloud computing blogger. This blog shares his cloud market research and commentary.

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