Save the State of the Cloud!

We interrupt our regular programming for the following update.

Unfortunately, this month we have no regular post in the State of the Cloud series. Quantcast‘s Top 1M Site list, which is the input data set used by the research, is broken. Instead of 1 million sites, the list contains only 78,000. Clearly, this makes it difficult to continue tracking using the same, consistent methodology we’ve had in place for almost a year.

Quantcast are aware of the problem, but “do not have an ETA on the fix”.

What you can do

Help us prioritize Quantcast’s investigation of this issue: go to and tell Quantcast what you think. Here’s an example of what you could write:

Subject: Broken top 1M list
Dear Quantcast team,
As a regular reader of the popular blog, I was dismayed to hear that due to a malfunction in Quantcast’s Top 1M Site List, the blog is unable to publish its monthly analysis of the cloud computing industry. As this research is an essential source of data on the entire cloud industry, I kindly ask you to urgently look into this issue.

Thomas Clayton

Thomas Clayton is a cloud computing blogger. This blog shares his cloud market research and commentary.

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