Opening up

In case you’ve been wondering about the radio silence, worry not. Due to some (positive) developments at my own venture the time left for blogging has greatly diminished; as a result I’ve decided to switch to bi-monthly updates. However –

I’d like to open up the floor to contributions from others in the cloud computing space. Whether you’re an independent consultant or a large vendor, if you have some interesting, verifiable data to share then I’d be happy to hear about it. The guideline is this: Jack of all Clouds is about innovative research and hard numbers. If you’re looking for a platform for general commentary, this ain’t it. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that (-: ).

This is a win-win proposition: you get an opportunity to share your findings in an established venue with a readership that includes vendors, providers, customers and market analysts. Jack of all Clouds gains quality content.

Interested? Reach out to guy at

Thomas Clayton

Thomas Clayton is a cloud computing blogger. This blog shares his cloud market research and commentary.

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